Welcome to NavcomUSA, your source for Marine Navigation & Communications excellence. We have over 30 years experience in both operating and servicing shipboard navigation & communications electronics.

This valuable experience was earned beginning in 1965 in the Gulf of Mexico working with vacuum tube precision radio location equipment in the seismic research and drilling rig location service, to participating in the first successful Differential GPS experiment in 1987, to using the Clark Belt based “STARFIX” System, to global sailing as Radio-Electronics Officer with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, the Military Sealift Command, the U.S. Maritime Administration, 3 summer voyages on Training Ship, Golden Bear as Vocational Lecturer and commercially to present day consulting and contracting service.

Our specialty is providing detailed survey/audits of Shipboard Marine Navigation & Communications Electronics, and complete remodeling of navigation & communications shipboard suites. To our knowledge, we are the only company in the United States providing this service. Our Survey/Audits have consistently revealed previously undetected faults and safety issues. Our reports have been very well received.

Our slogan, “Identifying Faults Before They Become Major Failures”, has truly been an eye opener for many ship’s crews, owners and management companies. To date we have thoroughly surveyed 31 ships and have corrected many faults before they became failures.

Our surveys generally are conducted in the static mode (dockside) and occasionally in the dynamic mode (underway) and usually take about 1 week of shipboard diagnostics and another 2 weeks in our home office creating a photo-filled, computer generated report finalized for commercial printing. Our reports are written in a problem/solution format whereby we not only identify problems but also offer solutions to correct them.

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